A very special overview of “On Entering A New Chapter in V Acts” (in case you’re feeling lazy)

Act I: Winter and Spring

In which Polly Pepper helps create a Magnificent Beast, tours the U.S., visits good friends, receives some difficult news, begins a relationship, and spends time in the Bay Area.


Act II: Summer

In which Miss Pepper kidnaps Jamie as a dancer, moves to a new house, puts on a lot of shows, narrowly survives the tour from hell, dances in a samba bikini, and questions what she’s doing with her life.


Act III: Autumn

In which Polly gets the top blown off her bubble at Burning Man, begins to re-prioritize and cultivate new inspiration and direction, goes on a 5 week tour that ends in New Orleans, wraps up a relationship, falls in love with the farm again, and over-celebrates her birthday in Oakland.


Act IV: Winter

In which our protagonist helps to re-build the M4 dance team, trains multiple new dancers, and flies to Baltimore for less than 24 hours.


Act V: The Present and the Future

In which Polly Pepper gives up various things she desires for a month, finds a new source of energy and inspiration, creates this blog, continues to tour, and prepares to move back to California and work at the Apple Farm for the season.






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