Polly Pepper Performance

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The world has been my stage ever since I was old enough to decide to don nothing but leotards, tights, and tutu and frolic around the farm.  Not much has changed except the stages have gotten bigger, the costumes more sparkly and detailed, the performances more daring, and the audiences made up of much more than just stuffed animals and family.

After 3 years of living in Portland and touring full time with MarchFourth as an acrobat/stiltwalker/dancer/aerialist/ choreographer/artistic director  I have decided to take a break from the road and return to the bay area to expand my horizons, connect with the performance community here, and start my own project!  Daring Arts Movement (D.A.M!) is an emerging collective of performers creatively actualizing collaborations between artists that uplift & inspire community.  We are available for collaborations with bands and musicians, festivals, parties, corporate events and more!  Please contact misspollypepper@icloud.com for booking and more information.

Below you will find video footage of my various skills and projects.  Enjoy!


Pretty Polly Pepper Music Video with Sepiatonic


Aerial on Stilts!


Aerial Storm Goddess with MarchFourth


Cinco to the Brinco Silks with Circus MECCA


Stilt Acrobatics with MarchFourth!


Stilt Pole with MarchFourth!


Stilt Chair Dance with MarchFourth!


Adagio at Oregon Country Fair with M4


Dance with MarchFourth



Also check out some of the amazing projects I’ve been working with lately:


Quixotic Fusion

Everyone Orchestra

Circus Mecca




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